Collapsing Horse Science Fiction Radio Hour

Collapsing Horse Science Fiction Radio Hour

The only hour of radio that's neither an hour, nor on radio. These are Science fiction and fantasy stories from the intimidating collection of the Story Keeper. SILENCE! Each episode is written by a different author and performed in front of a live audience by members of the Collapsing Horse ensemble. Come in and wonder at the variety, the virtuosity, the vernacular, and the venereal. Welcome to the Collapsing Horse Science Fiction Radio Hour!

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    Ross Dungan's "The Irrational Number"

    SILENCE! This week's episode "The Irrational Number" is a speculative look at ways we might remember the past in the future. And what's cool is if you play it backwards you can hear a Led Zeppelin b-side.

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    Eoghan Quinn's "Content"

    SILENCE! The Story Keeper has in his vaults every story in the Universe worth telling, this one is a late piece by the blind , old, dead, English national poet John Milton. Old John is embarking on an adventure to once again become the most rad, hip creator of "content" for the kids to enjoy.

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    Kerri Ward's "Human History"

    As old as the Universe and as wise as the Sun's Dad, this week the Story Keeper brings you "Human History" by Kerri Ward - a story so interesting that to even think about listening to it would implode your brains into a fine powder. Let's listen!

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    Una Mullally and Sarah Francis' "Yokespiracy"

    This diamond from the Story Keeper's story dungeon was written by Una Mullally and Sarah Francis. "Yokespiracy" is a timeless tale of government conspiracies, mind altering substances and saving the world; one enormous dopamine dump at a time.

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    "BUG" by Meadhbh Haiceid. Assumpta goes on the radio to discuss her memories of the charming chaos of the early 21st century, a time in which there was boarders, over population, poverty, and suffering; before "They came down".

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    Everything is Always Harder Than it Seemed

    "Everything is Always Harder Than It Seemed" by Dylan Coburn-Gray. Dr. Gwendolyn Gill, in her search to bring credibility to the study of magic fish, discovers that the hardest part of solving any problem is knowing what the problem is. The Storykeeper and the Collapsing Horse Ensemble bring you an episode of joyous verbosity and truly remarkable restraint on fish puns.